Two roads diverged in a wood,

And “We”—“We” took the one less traveled by,

and that made all the difference. 

Beginning with six months of discussions and planning, and the latter six months of endless rehearsals, prop-making, stage, sound, light, costume and make up designing, we have, finally, arrived here on stage. It is an honor to have you here today, at our annual Graduation Play, The Real Inspector Hound.

The Department of Foreign Language and Literature is now sending away her third graduating class. With the professional trainings we received for the past four years, we are confident and fearless in choosing a different path from our predecessors. With an adventurous spirit, we select a challenging Absurdist play, and after endless drops of sweats and tears, we are finally able to present this production in front of you. We hope that you would enjoy the play with pleasure, and when the curtain drops, your generous applause will be the best reward for our year-long cultivation.    

Lastly, I have to respectfully proclaim to, Yifen, who instructed, Sylvia, who did everything she could, the acting team, who had all the patience in the world, and all the designing teams, who brainstormed and sweated: “Thank you for your dedications and sacrifices, each of you has accomplished your tasks wonderfully! Cheers and drink to our health!”





 Two roads diverged in a wood,

and “We”—“We” took the one less traveled by,

and that made all the difference.






謝謝你們的付出和耐心,辛苦了! 乾杯!



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